Big News Everyone!!!

2016-10-03 00:30:35 by MyBadBunny

Thank you to all those of you who supported me with requests this month. I've had a bunch of requests sent to me and I appreciate them all. If you do not see your request on my page yet, it's because I've been swamped with work, but I'll be working on releasing them throughtout this month. So stick around and you'll run into your requested art piece :)

With that said, For this month of October, if you donate to my patreon page, you can submit a request and I will draw it up right away. That's right! Simply donate then message me your request and you'll have it up the next day!




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2016-10-07 14:41:26

I see you got around to mine at least, many thanks! :) Looks fantastic.


2016-10-17 11:12:19

What happened to Champion 7? Is that ever coming back?

(Updated ) MyBadBunny responds:

Champion 7 has nothing to do with me. Sorry bud.


2016-10-20 02:36:05

Congrats on reaching over 100 fans! You have very good artwork! :)